“SOLO TRAVEL”- a trending tourism development


Solo travel is the experience of traveling alone at your own will to the place you wish , the way u need and engage in activities the way your brain wants to, without the interference of family, friends and colleagues.

The recent rise in solo travel – the market for solo tourism in Europe is booming recently. Their is an increase in trend to travel alone and visit developing countries, seek adventures, connect with people, gain knowledge of various cultures and create unique experiences. Another sub trend that has emerged through solo travel is “female solo travel”. This is where a female travels alone for reasons of pleasure, adventure & discovery or connection with various people. Solo travel is booming among young aged, middle aged and now also the older (retired) generation. In Europe many people tend to live alone for reasons such as divorce, separation, women outliving their male partners, affordability concerns and shifting to urban accommodations. As the number of households who have single-person or single-parents increase, so does the demand for solo tourism.

Popular solo tourism destinations include:

  • Costa Rica
  • India
  • Sri lanka
  • Vietnam
  • Laos
  • Nepal


It carries many benefits such as confidence building in oneself, figuring out ones inner desires, valuing oneself, learning to overcome loneliness and so on. How ever it does not come without challenges, traveling alone involves managing the finance on your own before and during your travel, it also brings to concern the safety issues one will be facing, not forgetting the sticking to the planned destinations without support, managing you luggage alone without assistance and making sudden decisions involving travel and safety concerns. You can read further on the pros & cons of solo travel on the below links




Solo travelers need to keep in mind many essential tips & tricks in order to gain most out of their travel experience. Flexibility is a key factor, where you should learn to expect delays and keep calm when things don’t go your way. Organize yourself by listing up before the trip- the items essential for travel. You have to learn to keep an open mind and be less judgmental about other people & their customs. The camera is a vital component of the trip, thus care should be taken to have an option incase ur camera or phone battery dies. Travel insurance is vital when traveling alone as emergencies can pop-up and chances are you will end up with little or no cash to foot the bill. Photocopies of essential documents have to be taken and carried along incase of losing the baggage or been robbed. Always be aware of transportation prices before indulging in public transport as many travelers are been cheated and played along with prices. Always speak to the locals to find out the best and cheapest spots, also the likely dangerous places to visit. Be aware of logging into bank accounts and other private accounts using public wifi and airport wifi. Let some family member or friend back at home know ur plans and keep updating them with new destinations you visit incase of emergency they can track you back. Its always advisable to carry an internationally approved credit card incase you lose or spend your cash way ahead. Expect medical conditions such as diarrhea, flus & colds and carry a first aid kit to access easily.

To read further on solo travel tips, solo travel safety, solo female travel, solo road trips and solo travel planning visit the below link



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  1. However, the issue of security is the most important thing of all when it comes to a solo journey. Especially for females. Travelling alone is a good idea and an experience. the most useful thing is that travelers should not go on a trip without a travel insurance.

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    1. In deed security concerns is one of the main issues of concern in solo travel , and I feel that challenge can be reduced by involving a tour company’s travel package and including insurance and a personal guide/ guidance booklet with all places to and not to visit due to security concerns…


  2. Security concern its big challenge for solo travelers, its totally big issues also for females. before start the journey make sure get idea challengers for journey. specially contact with travel guide and Split up your cash/credit cards before putting them in hard to reach places (and watch out for currency controls).

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  3. An interesting segment of tourists & an upward trend in terms of numbers in the resent years reflects the interests mainly by the Europeans in seeking solo adventures, experiencing various traditions and cultures in creating unique experience.

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  4. Indeed a very interesting topic and a trendy tourism model. Solo tourists are rising in the world. But there is a issue with regards the safety of the travelers.

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  5. When you’re travelling solo, you’re the one who’s responsible for finding accommodation, getting there, finding food and drink and making sure you get the best from the destination and that is worth trying for once in a lifetime.

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